Deer Diary

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Deer Diary is a collection of amazing and humorous true stories of the Miner family’s hunting experiences in Goldendale, WA spanning over 55 years. During that time, they have experienced dedication and despair… confusion and kindness… excitement and exhaustion. To the Miners, the hunting was more fun than the finding!

These stories are all absolutely true, as fantastic as some may sound. Many hunters either hunt exclusively from tree stands or blinds, drive the roads, or wait in clearings when they hunt, but not the Miner family. They trudge through the woods, no matter how thick the underbrush, downed logs, or ‘buck brush’ may be. They hike up and down hills, into canyons, and through thickets not meant to be traversed by humans. That is where the deer are, so that is where they go. When a person delves that deeply into the woods and interacts that closely with nature, some highly unusual and unexpected things are bound to occur.

All of the stories in this book have been written based on Todd’s own experiences and those told by his father. While hunting one day in 2010, an unexpected rainstorm hit, so they relaxed in their camper trailer and consumed an unhealthy amount of Original Pringles® chips, Costco® chocolate-chip cookies, and Pepsi® while taking advantage of the situation by recording these stories in great detail.

Join Todd, his father Marvin, his Grandfather Norman, and other family and friends as they get lost in the woods, spooked in the night, and chased by the police.

Oh… and they see some deer, too!

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